Galaxy is our current rising star. He completed his first 80km ride at Collie at the age of 6 towards the end of the 2015 endurance season and has been slowly campaigned since. Initially a challenging horse he is highly intelligent, has enormous presence and the conformation and will to be a highly successful endurance prospect.

He began 2016 with an equal first middleweight position at Wilga and finished the season with a successful 100km completion, coming 2nd in heavyweight.

He was campaigned more aggressively during 2017 and has developed well with several HW firsts nd BCs, finishing the year as 1st Heavyweight Points horse, 2nd Heavyweight Distance horse and overall Best Conditioned Heavyweight. 2018 has been a quieter year and we are now seeking a suitable Middleweight or Lightweight rider to campaign him further.


Galaxy has found a new home and is showing his potential with his new owners. HE will no doubt benefit from some expert education adn we look forward to watching him progress.

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