Kar-rah is the matriarch of our herd and dam to four spectacular Sixbells fillies Spirit, Misty and Dorothyand our latest addition Sixbells Ziba.

She is our outstanding broodmare with exceptional heartrates and a will to compete which she has passed on to her progeny. She teaches her foals impeccable manners making them easy to handle and train.

A lovely mare that is bringing good solid conformation and a gentle temperament to our breeding program.

Razz has just completed a stellar year and gained her yellow logbook under the guidance of Darcy Harry. She comfortably achieved 2nd Lightweight 160KM at the 2018 WA State Champs. She is proving herself to be a classy endurance horse with a laid back attitude and consistently low heartrates.

Bringing with her some Eastern States bloodlines, Eva brings a genuinely gentle temperament to our breeding program.

She has produced an exquisite filly with the same dleighful personality.

AKA Sparkles, this horse is showing great potential. She has an effortless floating trot and a powerful engine. She was started by Kirsten Melis and has successfully completed a number of training rides. She brings Marbling breeding to our program and is a grand daughter to the sire of Marbling Galaxy Sparkles gained her Yelllow Logbook qualification in 2019 ridden by Kalia Russell, completing each ride with excellent heartrate and metabolics.

The latest addition to our herd arrived just in time for Christmas 2018. Essie is a well put together Arabian Warmblood cross with a gentle temperament from the Aloha stud in Wagga Wagga.

Our first Sixbells horse, Spirit, is a strong stocky girl. She was named by Shaleigha based on the film of the same name.


She is easy to train with an excpetionally friendly temperament and is the first horse we have genuinely started from scratch, demonstrating the value of the often informal methods we employ with our horses.

Misty is the poster girl of our breeding program.

With outstanding conformation and carriage and good height we would consider her to be the first of our true foundation mares.

She displays great beauty and an excellent temperament and shows great promise for a range of disciplines.

Misty is out of our lead mare Follydown Kar-rah by Djemeshid.

The first letter of the Arabic alphabet, she brings her mother's temperament and looks with a little more height and a lot more attitude. Both parents are proven 160km horses.

Out of Eleazar Razzmatazz, by the well known Tora Sardeeka, owned by Julia Lockwood, she is one of a long line of progeny from a remarkable stallion with bloodlines well represented in the Australian endurance circuit and shows great promise in both her conformation and temperament

This is the friendliest foal in the world and a stunner to boot. Misty needs to look sharp because this little girl has the potential to knock her off the poster girl pedestal.

Named after Susie's mum, will be entirely white.

Miss Darcy is a stunning 2 year old out of Soreno Diamondette by Tora Sardeeka. She is a kind, curious and bold filly with excellent conformation and breeding.

Nellie is the first fillie bred from a Sixbells mare, the daughter of one of our poster girls, Sixbells Mists of Avalon

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